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Teresa Roberts
Teresa Roberts
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Meghan Haarmann provided great service and care in Los Alamos. She explained all of the testing procedures and showed us all of the data. My husband and I are confident that we will be getting appropriate hearing aids from this company to protect and enhance our well-being.
Trish Hug
Trish Hug
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Would there were more than five stars! Meghan provided more information and explanation about hearing, hearing tests, and hearing aids than my husband and I have ever experienced. Sandia Hearing Aids wasn’t on our insurance’s provider list but we purchased from them anyway because of their personnel and complete service. I’d give them 10 stars!
Suzanne Ramos
Suzanne Ramos
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Megan was absolutely amazing. I came in very unhappy with the hearing aids I’ve had for the last 6 years. She was thorough in her testing and explanation of how the new technology works. She gave me loaners to try out which was such a relief ! All in all I’m over the moon pleased !!
Annie Bush
Annie Bush
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This is an excellent business. Meghan, who fits the hearing aids, is professional and friendly. Her explanations of hearing issues and aids are easy to understand and complete. Service is terrific. Melissa, the receptionist is always courteous and helpful. We will continue to be customers in the years to come!
Bob Whitman
Bob Whitman
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Outstanding service, friendly, and knowledgeable help.

Getting Started: Facing Hearing Loss Concerns

Dealing with hearing loss can be difficult, and sometimes we avoid addressing it because of fear or denial. At Sandia Hearing Aids Santa Fe, we understand these emotions and the obstacles they present.

Many of us might hesitate to check our hearing due to concerns about aging or using hearing aids. However, ignoring hearing loss can lead to communication difficulties and strained relationships. Taking action can significantly enhance our overall quality of life.

Our team is here to provide understanding and assistance. We offer comprehensive assessments, expert guidance, and modern hearing aids tailored to your lifestyle. Don’t let fear or denial hold you back.

Reach out to Sandia Hearing Aids Santa Fe today to take that first step toward better hearing health and stronger connections.

Why Choose Us


Sandia Hearing Aids Santa Fe is the place to go for your hearing aid consultations. We pride ourselves on delivering top-quality care with a compassionate and dependable approach.

Our team of highly skilled experts utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide precise assessments and tailored solutions that meet each individual's specific needs.

Selecting the right hearing aid is a significant decision, and we take the time to listen to our clients, understanding their concerns and preferences.

Through our continuous support and education, we ensure our clients achieve the best possible outcomes and can make well-informed choices about their hearing health.

Count on Sandia Hearing Aids Santa Fe for exceptional hearing aid consultations that improve your quality of life.


Trained professionals providing excellent hearing aid services.


Cutting-edge tech for top-notch hearing aid support.


Count on us for fast and reliable hearing aid assistance without high costs.


Your satisfaction is our top priority. Reach out to us for all your hearing aid requirements.

Explore Solutions

A Simple Guide to Better Hearing

At Sandia Hearing Aids Santa Fe, we know how important clear and sharp hearing is for improving your life quality. Our step-by-step process empowers you to manage your hearing health and start a transformation towards better hearing.

Step 1: Set Up a Hearing Consultation

Contact us to arrange a hearing consultation with our experienced audiologists. We’ll chat about your worries, answer your questions, and guide you through the procedure.


Step 2: Thorough Hearing Evaluation

During the hearing assessment, our audiologists will assess your hearing thoroughly. We employ advanced techniques to examine your hearing health and determine the extent of any hearing issues.

Step 3: Tailored Hearing Solutions

Based on your hearing test findings, our audiologists will propose customized hearing solutions designed to meet your specific needs. We’ll discuss different options, such as various types and styles of hearing aids, to help you make an informed choice.


Step 4: Fitting and Personalization of Hearing Aids

Once you’ve selected your preferred hearing aids, we’ll set up a fitting appointment. Our audiologists will ensure a comfortable fit and program the devices to match your unique hearing profile. We’ll guide you on how to use and care for your new hearing aids.


Step 5: Continuous Support and Check-ins

At Sandia Hearing Aids Santa Fe, our dedication to your hearing health goes beyond the initial fitting. We offer continuous support, including follow-up appointments to fine-tune your hearing aids, address any concerns, and ensure your ongoing satisfaction.

Discover the Next Level of Hearing Care at Sandia Hearing Aids in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Our expert team, advanced technology, and individualized approach guarantee you the finest hearing solutions.

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What We Do

Hearing Aid Care

Discover outstanding hearing aid services at Sandia Hearing Aids in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our expert technicians provide skilled repairs, adjustments, and maintenance to improve your hearing aids’ performance.

We prioritize personalized fittings to find the perfect hearing aid for you, offering excellent service and support to enhance your hearing journey.

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Our experienced hearing experts provide thorough hearing assessments and customized solutions to enhance your hearing wellness.

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Discover an extensive selection of hearing aids from reputable brands, customized to your preferences and requirements, at our convenient shop.

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Our skilled technicians offer quick and efficient repairs, guaranteeing your hearing aids work at their best for clear, natural sound.

Hearing Aid Styles and Brands: Discover Your Ideal Match

Explore a variety of hearing aids and top-quality brands at Sandia Hearing Aids Santa Fe to suit your requirements. Whether you favor discreet ear options or larger behind-the-ear models, we offer selections that align with your daily life.

Our collection showcases the latest designs and technology, including nearly invisible choices like in-the-canal (ITC) and completely-in-the-canal (CIC) styles, along with well-liked in-the-ear (ITE) models.

We proudly collaborate with well-respected hearing aid brands for clear and authentic sound. Our experienced audiologists take your hearing challenges, lifestyle, and preferences into account to guide your selection, ensuring your chosen hearing aid effectively addresses your needs.

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About Sandia Hearing Aids Santa Fe: Dedicated to Your Hearing Well-being

Welcome to Sandia Hearing Aids Santa Fe, a well-regarded audiology practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with six decades of service to the local community.

Our goal is to offer excellent hearing care to enhance your life, providing clarity and confidence. Led by experienced audiologists, our caring and knowledgeable approach is tailored to your unique needs and lifestyle.

We don’t just provide hearing healthcare; we build connections and enhance lives by restoring the joy of hearing.

Schedule an appointment today to experience our supportive guidance as you work towards better hearing health.

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Got Questions?


Why Choose Sandia Hearing Aids Santa Fe for Your Hearing Needs?

At Sandia Hearing Aids Santa Fe, we’re proud of our highly skilled and experienced hearing care professionals. They have a proven track record of successful cases and are committed to providing exceptional care and guidance. Our goal is to ensure that our clients achieve their hearing goals with the utmost satisfaction. You can trust in our expertise as we work together towards a world of better hearing for you.

What Services Does Sandia Hearing Aids Santa Fe Provide?

We offer a comprehensive range of hearing care services to address all aspects of hearing health. Our services include hearing evaluations, hearing aid consultations, expert fittings, maintenance, repairs, specialized tinnitus evaluation and management, custom earplugs for hearing protection, pediatric hearing assessments, and more. Whatever your hearing needs may be, we have the expertise to provide personalized solutions.

How Can I Schedule a Consultation or Hearing Evaluation at Sandia Hearing Aids Santa Fe?

Scheduling a consultation or hearing evaluation is simple. Just visit our contact page! Our friendly team will be happy to assist you in setting up an appointment that fits your schedule. Whether you have specific hearing concerns or are interested in hearing aid options, we are here to provide personalized care and support every step of the way.

Does Sandia Hearing Aids Santa Fe Accept Insurance for Hearing Services?

Yes, we work with various insurance providers to make hearing care more accessible to our clients. We can help you understand your insurance coverage and guide you through the process. Additionally, we offer financial assistance options to support your hearing care needs.

What Sets Sandia Hearing Aids Santa Fe Apart from Other Hearing Centers?

At Sandia Hearing Aids, we believe in personalized and compassionate care. Our dedicated team takes the time to listen to your concerns and understand your unique hearing challenges. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs and preferences, ensuring a positive and comfortable experience. With cutting-edge technology and a client-centered approach, we are committed to empowering you with better hearing and an improved quality of life.